The story of Coachendo

We are 4 ex-googlers. 4 remote workers. 4 people with different backgrounds. Now we are one team. We built the service we wished we had access to: coaching that fits with a modern way of living and working. Why? Because we were employees, managers and directors. We know how it feels to be a high performer or a serving manager that doesn’t have time to work on yourself. That’s why we want to give a modern coaching solution to talented employees. To those who lead with passion. Those who build and serve with armour. They drive us and we drive them. Ultimately, they are the ones driving your business.


The founding team

Wala Loubani

Founder & CEO

17 years of commercial and leadership experience with multiple awards won from Google and Stanford University. Mother of two. In my home we tend to come up with new games and build our own toys.

Francisco Arias

Founder & CTO

Software engineer, ex-Google Tech Lead and 15 years experience in software development from SAP and startups. I have led products from inception to $100M. In my free time I’m a passionate crossfitter.

Nima Vali Rajabi

Founder & CPO

Former Director of Product at Humio (Series B/acquired $400M) and award-winning Product Lead at Google. In my free time I really enjoyed playing chess until I lost 11 matches in a row to a 12 year old.

Filippa Hallersbo

Founder & Head of Coaching

Certified Coach, ex-Google Program Manager and former Co-founder and Coaching Partner at 1Mondo. I love traveling and I have visited 40 countries in total. My goal is to visit one new country every year.

Our advisors

Tracy Wilk


Ex VP at Google & Visa, Member of Forbes Coaches Council, Stanford University.

Pelle Rosell


CMO Patiensky, Global marketing experience from Qlik and Apsis.

Gabriele Garavini


Partner at Antler, Innovation Lead & startup advisor

Our values

Lifelong learners

At Coachendo we are all self-motivated, we ask to learn, listen to understand and we are all students of life.


We believe that transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of great teamwork. That is why we prioritise transparency – always.

Execute at speed

We believe that speed of execution is key to success. The faster you move, the faster you learn, iterate and improve.

Customer focused

At Coachendo the focus on our customers is the root in everything we do. We are committed to providing best-in-class solutions.