Empower Your Teams To Succeed From Anywhere, Anytime

With Coachendo’s AI coach everyone can accelerate their development so you can retain your talent and grow your business.

Empower every individual

With Coachendo’s AI solution everyone can coach themselves to unleash their potential. The effect of that is a more innovative, inclusive and higher performing workplace where talented employees stay because they own their development and are part of building the culture with you.


Coachendo’s modern solution enables employees to access personalised self-coaching when and where they want it.

Backed by Science

Coachendo’s coaching solution is powered by AI, based on the latest research, and built on proven frameworks.


With Coachendo, organisations will be able to track retention, diversity, productivity and ROI in real-time


Personalised coaching plans

Coachendo’s personalized coaching solution provides in-the-moment coaching to help your company achieve it’s goals. Your team can start, pause and resume their coaching sessions anytime, anywhere.


From strong individuals to strong teams

Coachendo helps gel people through scaled coaching. With Coachendo’s solution everyone can become a master of building effective relationships which empowers diversity and inclusion.


Analyze your team’s progress

Analyse and track your teams development and growth with Coachendo’s company analytics.

Here’s where Coachendo can help you

Personalized coaching plans tailored for every aspect of your teams’ needs