Remote work made easy

A new reality requires new skills. We understand how remote teams work. You keep building for tomorrow, while we coach your talent so they can grow and stay.

Grow and retain your talent with Coachendo’s micro coaching

Coachendo’s coaching is human centred and technology led. The coaching has micro sessions and exercises tied to your business goals. Connect employees, boost your talent and increase productivity at scale.

Coachendo is the world’s first truly on-demand coaching solution. It comes at a fraction of the cost and it is built with AI technology. Everyone can coach themself forward. The AI coach is available anytime and anywhere.

Managing remote teams made easy

Coachendo has a dedicated coaching path for your managers. So they can have support. So they can lead. So they can motivate.Your managers will be able to coach themselves and their teams on the company’s most important business goals.

Your managers will be able to set expectations, give and receive feedback and empower teams to collaborate so your business can move forward.

With access to the AI coach, everyone has someone to lean on.

AI coaching for everyone on your team. Anywhere. Anytime.

We make it easy to build high-performing remote teams.

With Coachendo’s AI coach, Grow your talent and find potential talent with Coachendo’s scaled people development.

All our coaching areas are adapted to the opportunities of working remotely. We know because we encountered them ourselves.

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