Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential Anywhere, Anytime

Coachendo partners with your organization to chart personalized coaching paths which your teams can access at their convenience.

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Develop full capacity to the entire organization

Built on the latest research, proven frameworks and psychology, Coachendo partners with you to improve your company culture, to fuel performance and increase retention by offering each employee personalized coaching both in remote and in office settings.

A peek into your teams’ coaching journey

Backed by science with embedded AI technology while keeping human touch to make scalable change with guaranteed privacy.

Define your teams transformation experiences with Coachendo

Achieve your business goals and accelerate your organization’s growth by charting accessible coaching paths for each individual in your team.

Empower Your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Start, Pause & Resume Coaching At Convenience

Coachendo’s scalable coaching process combines both AI driven coaching and one -on-one coaching sessions with carefully selected top coaches. Coachendo enables you to chart the right coaching path based on your organization goals and your teams needs.

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Level-up Your Teams Development

Coachendo combines the most prominent principles of success to give your teams all the tools and human skills needed for your organisation to continue growing. By giving employees coaching that caters to their personal growth plans, you can not only grow but also retain them.

Group Coaching Experiences

Engage Your Teams With Coachendo

Coachendo helps your team build meaningful relationships with colleagues and managers to make your organisation irresistible. With Coachendo’s coaching plans you can make everyone feel a sense of belonging.

Track & adjust your coaching paths with Coachendo’s real-time insights

Measure your organizational & team progress in real-time with Coachendo’s analytics to adjust your coaching paths when needed.

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