Coaching that makes remote work easy

A new reality requires new skills. We understand how remote teams work. You keep building for tomorrow, while we grow and retain your talent through personalised AI coaching.

Grow and retain your talent with Coachendo’s micro coaching

Coachendo’s coaching is human centred and technology led. The coaching has micro sessions and exercises tailored to individual needs and business goals. Grow and retain your talent with personalised growth plans that unlocks productivity at scale.

Hybrid remote working business coaching

Managing remote teams made easy

Coachendo has a dedicated coaching path for your managers. Help your managers support, motivate, and lead their remote teams with coaching tailored to their managerial needs.

Empower your managers with coaching that enables them to coach themselves and their teams on your company’s most important business goals.

AI coaching for everyone on your team. Anywhere. Anytime.

Coachendo is the world’s first truly on-demand coaching solution. It comes at a fraction of the cost and it is built with AI technology. Everyone can coach themself forward. The AI coach is available anytime and anywhere.

How it works

Coachendo offers a conversational AI coach. All coaching sessions are based on research and have been verified by top coaches.

Select goals

Select development goals on employee, talent and company level. Coachendo automatically creates a personalised growth plan based on the goals.

Self-coach in the app

Your talent can follow a simple growth plan. The plan contains coaching sessions and exercises. The AI coach is available anytime and anywhere.

Measure progress

We honour the privacy of your teams. You can track the overall progress of your company through Coachendo’s analytics.